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25 February 2009 @ 10:34 am
Yess... I'm move out from this account. Well, I'm not really left it behind but I will focused on my new account which is:


Add me back at Vampire_Cake okay? I am waiting for you all~

Graphics credit to pixelpeach 

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24 January 2009 @ 05:15 pm
Hi there!! Especially my Indonesian People Friends!

I have made another blog for my Fanfic and RPG things! It's all about Story!

but I'm so sorry, all of them is in Indonesian Language. I'm too lazy to translate it in English...

Actually, most of it is my RPG things. I played in Harry Potter RPG local forum. And it's really interesting although I didn't like to read Harry Potter.

Find it here @ vampire_cake

For your information, now I'm addicted more to Twilight!!!! I've just watch the movie and it is really good!! >_< *even most people told me that it wasn't that good* Maybe it's because of my favourites = Vampire things. Lol.

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14 January 2009 @ 01:46 pm
I dunno.... I dunno...

Well, you might know about RPG Forums, right? I played in one local forum named Indohogwarts, a RPG Forum based on Harry Potter. For your information, actually I didn't read Harry Potter Novels. It's too long and I only read the first and the third one. The rest I only watch in theatre.

My Character name is Yukisa Conrad, with Nakamura Yuichi as his Visualitation. This become more interesting and ineteresting. I make the character very innocent, cute, but charming and the Girl's Killer. Every smile that he showed to other people make them fell in love with Yuki. My~

And today is the new term in the forum. The 8 term. Guess what? (well, actually I am really confident that I can get the award). I am one of the Best Character!! It's really awesome!

And dunno why... I am more addicted to use male character than a female character. Even my male character can get a really nice girl for him in a Prom Night. Gosh, talk sweet things... and trying to understand girls. I dunno.... using male character is easier than using a female Character.

I'll do my best in the next term!!!! >_< *fighting!!!*

And I am going to study harder after I finished watching Beethoven Virus today!!!

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13 January 2009 @ 04:01 pm

It's been raining from yesterday. And because I ate many snackes and chips, now I got cough... zzz T_T

Hate it... hate it...

I became quite lazy but I know I must study...

Great... I must draw many pictures for my Deviantart and make Oppa's Wallpapers... Oouh~ So much work to do... ! >_< Also school work... I dunno... i dunno~

Last thing... I'm afraid to fall in love again with him... I'm really afraid. Because I almost see him everyday...

That's why I'm afraid... to feel the pain of the broken heart... It's really painful and like an agony...
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10 January 2009 @ 02:27 pm

Seto Koji [6]
Nakamura Yuichi [6]
Jang Geun Suk [4]



This is my first time making a lot avatar. Not too good i think. But I'll learn more so I can be better in editing using adobe~

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Comments and Critiques are welcome!! *but of course in polite way please* >_< Thank you~

Feel free to use my icons if you want but don't forget to credit me~ >_<

Credit to xloliconsx and lookslikerain @ soaked for the texture~ >_<

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08 January 2009 @ 01:41 pm

Bener-bener enggak kebayang!

Guess what? Guess what?

Gini, tadi malem kan, si Desty, anjing Golden gw beranak 5. 2 Cewek, 3 cowok.. Lengkap sudah hidupku. Akan diserang teroris-teroris cilik. Fufufu~ Nah, trus malemnya lagi, ane coba juga untuk daftar di http://keunsuk.com/ yang sebenarnya udah dari kemaren ane ngidem-ngidem tapi karena registrasinya harus pakai bahasa korea, dan butuh ID korea, ane segera menyerah. Terus... ane coba pake caranya temen ane. Jadi ane kirim ke webmasternya. Lengkap dengan data diri ane, pas poto, ttl... *enggak ding, ini boong banget* <-- hiperbolis <--- *diinjek rame-rame*

Trus pas pagi ini buka komputer, awalnya berpikir, "Ah, mana mungkin uda dibales." Dan sekarang ane mengingkari itu semua. Ane bener-bener gak nyangka, di inbox yahoo ane ada tulisan 1 mail. Awalnya masih gak percaya. "Ah, paling-paling cuma SPAM dari photobucket atau forum" tapi cursor, ane arahkan pada 1 mail itu. Dan trus ane buka.


JENG-JENG-JENG!!! *pake sound effect ala kamen rider mau berubah*

Ane udah di approve!!! Yatta~!!! Langsung aja ane masuk ke official website itu. Tapi namanya juga bukan orang korea, dipaksa baca korea, ane baca satu kaliman satu jam sendiri. *aduh, kerasa dudulnya* terus akhirnya baru coba bales dengan ngopi kata demi kata dari kalimat orang lain karena komputer ane gak bisa ngetik 'Hangul'. *injek komputer*

Jadi begitulah saudara-saudara. Sekarang akhirnya saya bisa masuk. Saya bahagia. Sangat bahagia. Dan sekarang akan berkutat di depan buku tata bahasa korea. Salam jumpa lagi lain waktu ketika ane sudah sadar ke dunia nyata dan masuk ke dalam buku matematika, fisika, dan kimia.

*pencet sumbit.. eh submit*

Eeeet~ tambahan dikid, kalo mau tahu caranya masuk ke dalam official web nya Oppa, silahkan tinggalkan pesan setelah nada berikut *BIP-BUP-BAB-BEB-BOP*

Eeeh.... tunggu dulu!!! Tadi malem ane juga baru lihad PVnya Abang. Yang Ghost. Keren banget. Dah lama gak liad abang berjoged ria ala ST 12 *jelas beda jauh* err.. overall keren semua. Cakep banget. Ganteng deh. Jogednya yahud. Yang bikin bingung kenapa ada potongan terminator di PVnya dia. Ane masih gak ngerti. Ada yang bisa menjawab?

*pencet sumpit... eh sumdit.. err... submit*
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07 January 2009 @ 10:48 pm
Actually this just happen this evening. My Golden Retriever had gave birth! 5 Children, 3 males, and 2 females. They are so cute and still sleepy now. Sometimes they made a cute sound. Make me want to kick them out from my home because I can't handle myself to accecpt something that is very cute!

But Actually I dun't want to talk about that. I want to talk about my big family. Just include that dogs as one of my big family~

Meet with the Perfect FamilyCollapse )

That's all of my big Family about Korean and Japanese Idols. Hohoho~


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07 January 2009 @ 04:05 pm
Fufufu... maybe most people call me weird or something coz even i am already 16 years old, i still love Kamen Rider and Tokusatsu even Power Ranger. Well, i don't think that Kamen Rider is only for children coz many things in there included many things that most children do not know. My addicted on it became bigger and bigger from last year, after Christmas. I went to Mangga Dua, a place in Jakarta which support an asian fanatic like me. >_< i bought Kamen rider Den-O and Faiz. At First, i watch Den-O because Nakamura Yuichi played as Sakurai Yuuto in that kamen rider. But i never thought i'll be very addicted to kamen rider. Now i even have kamen rider ost in my PC. Gosh... >_<

Over all, Kamen Rider Den-O is really interesting. Especially with the main character who was played by Takeru Sato as Nogami Ryoutarou. Skip that unlucky character first. The most important character here is Sakurai Yuuto who played by Nakamura Yuichi. Yuuto Sakurai can 'henshin' to Kamen Rider Zeronos. I think Zeronos is the most unlucky Kamen Rider. It demanded precious things in Human's live which is existence. After Yuuto used his card to 'henshin' into Zeronos, people that know him started to forget him. Even his futured fiance.

Tragicly, the new form of Zeronos, Zero Form, demanded more than Altair form and Vega Form. It ask for every memory in every person who have a memory about Yuuto even when he was young, not only the futured Yuuto. Deneb who was really love him, have a pity on him and trying to make as many friends as he could for Yuuto. But that caused more trouble. There is a girl who fell in love with Yuuto (who actually was possesed by Deneb at that time). An imagin possesed her and thought that girl ask to bring Yuuto for her. Yuuto hurt badly. And after a few days, Deneb possesed Yuuto again to have a date with Shouko, at the Zoo.

They played a lot. But before sunset, the imagin came and entered her to the past. Yuuto changed into Zeronos Zero form infront of her and said, "I will not forget," then went to the past, then defeat that imagin. When Yuuto back to the present time, Shouko didn't remember him. Yuuto looked painfuly sad. And he said to Deneb, "I've made a decision. You must make a decision too."

Ryoutarou wanted to help Yuuto but he didn't know how. But suddenly, he have a nice idea. Ryoutarou asked Yuuto to come with him to milk cafe. There Yuuto saw a really nice memory. Nogami Airi may not remember him, but she thought about researching sweet coffee (which actually for Yuuto) is really interesting and must be useful in the future.

Tragic. Everytime I watch this Kamen Rider, I always love him more and more. And he is very cute. Infront of Nogami ryoutarou, Yuuto act very cool. He didn;t reveal his weak self. but behind them all, Yuuto is really crazy and noisy! He didn't like Shitake mushroom. And always fighting with Deneb. Demanding money from Deneb who kept it. Deneb said that Yuuto would waste all the money if the wallet was kept by Yuuto. Deneb is like Yuuto's mother. But when Yuuto vanished, Deneb can't remember him.

Some screen caps.

this is when Yuuto fighting with Deneb for money.

this is when Yuuto punch himself because Deneb was really noisy -_-"

Sometimes, Yuuto will be mad at Deneb. But it is really cute!!

You must see it! Den-O is reaaaaaaally amazing!
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06 January 2009 @ 09:40 pm
Name in English: Jang Keun Suk/Jang Geun Suk
Name in Korean: 장근석
Name in Hanja: 張根錫
Date of Birth: 4th August, 1987
Zodiac/Horoscope: Leo
Height: 182cm (6ft)
Weight: 66kg
Blood Type: A
Family: Father, Mother (Only Child, no siblings)
Education: KwangJang Middle school, Bangsan High School, New Zealand Nelson College, Hanyang University Drama (Major in Movie)
School Year: February 2000 - Seoul DongYi Primary school graduate
February 2003 - KwangJang middle school graduate
January 2003 - New Zealand Nelson College enrollment
July 2003 - Bangsan High School First year joins in the middle of course
February 2006 - Hanyang University Enrollment - Drama (major in Movie)
Hobbies: listening to music, snowboarding, skiing, singing, dancing
Treasure: Family, Playstation
Favourite Color: Blue, Ivory White
Specialty: Skiing, Snowboarding
Favourite Food: Spicy food, 게장 - GeJang(marinated raw crabs)
Favourite Fruit: Pineapple
Most respected person: Kim Gu Kim Gu profile
Ideal Partner: Honest, Cute, woman with great sense of dressing
What is the first feature that you look in a woman: Eyes
What do you hear most from opposite gender: You are so cute
Favourite possession: Clothes, Accessories
Motto: Nothing is impossible!
Close Celeb Friends: CSJH Stephanie, Isak, MC Mong, Moon Geun Yong, Yoo Ah In, Choi Si Won
Favourite Actor: Ahn Sung-ki/안성기/安圣基
Company: Lobe Entertainment (he is in the same company with Son Ho Young, Tim, Seo Ji Young, Lee Hyuk Woo, more.)
Debut: Sitcom Selling Happiness
First Debut Drama: Women's World
Geun Suk is multi talented. He has done VJ, MC, Voice dubbed for cartoon, Acting, Modelling.
Geun Suk has done modelling for MCM,Etude, LeSportsac, Motorola,etc.

Geun Suk also plays guitar. He sings, he dance too, even tap dancing!

Mini Biography:
Keunsuk made his debut as a 10 year old actor in TV sitcom, "We sell happiness".
He also appeared in TV sitcom "Nonstop 4" in 2003, soap opera "Lovers in Prague" in 2005.
With significant success of starring role as "Eunho" in the soap opera, "Hwang Ji Yi" in 2006, Keunsuk has proved himself capable of handling versatile characters.
He has not only hosted a show but also appeared in musical(Theseus, 2004, and Hercules, 2005)

Credits: SillyYun@Eels-Int

Some pic of Oppa~ (all pic credit to Eels int - thank guys) I love his smile. Very cute and heavenly!

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06 January 2009 @ 09:36 pm
Akhirnya kesampaian juga ane nonton Doremifasolatido. Yang main Jang Geun Seok, my Oppa~ Dan aktingnya super duper keren. Terutama ketika bagian akhir-akhirnya yang bikin ane nangis bombay tak terkendali. Mengingat betapa berharganya cinta dalam kehidupan musik seorang Eun Gyu. Bahkan senyumnya selalu menghiasi wajahnya. Cute ~ >_<

Ane salut banget sama aktingnya Oppa disini. Apalagi endingnya yang bener-bener enggak terduga. Dari awalnya iseng, terus pedekate, dan akhirnya jatuh cinta mampus tak bisa lepas. Namun rupanya Sahabat karib Eun Gyu memiliki masalah dengan pacar baru Eun Gyu. Di masa lalu, gadis itu pernah tak sengaja menjebloskan ayahnya ke penjara. Ini menyebabkan dendam sahabat Eun Gyu mendalam. Hubungan ketiganya runyam dan hancur. Hanya saja seandainya Eun Gyu mampu bertahan dari segala cobaan dan guncangan, mungkin akhirnya ia tidak akan menjadi gila dan bertingkah seperti anak-anak. Semua ini terjadi setelah ia mengalami gejala shock dan akhirnya tak sengaja tertabrak mobil tepat di kepalanya, berakibat pada otak, yang juga dipengaruhi tekanan batin serta mental.

Untunglah gadis itu tahu diri dan menyadari dimana cintanya terletak. Ia mencintai Eun Gyu dan segera berusaha mengembalikannya kembali dengan cara mengulang-ulang adegan yang dulu pernah terjadi bahkan membuat konser kembali seperti terakhir kali Eun Gyu konser. Awalnya Eun Gyu memberontak tapi akhirnya matanya terbuka kembali, ia menyadari segalanya, dan kemudian kembali pada gadis yang dicintainya.

Overall, endingnya bagus. Sayangnya cerita di tengahnya membosankan. Apalagi sifat ceweknya yang paling ane gak suka. Eh? Apa? Nama cewek ama temen baiknya Eun Gyu? Wah, maap. Ane tidak ingat~ *diinjak rame-rame* >_< *kabur*

Ane beri nilai delapan setengah deh (8.5) karena endingnya sangat memikat. Cukup bermakna. Tapi ane jadi pengen baca novelnya. Katanya diangkat dari novel berjudul sama. Menarik banget tuh.. Fufufufu~ *ngikik di balik kipas*

See u again in another journal~ >_<
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